Pet portraits

Pet Painting

We offer beautiful hand-painted portraits at reasonable prices. The portraits are copied from your photographs, with some photo-editing available if required. These are unique portraits painted 100% by hand. There is no digital imaging or printing on canvas utilised at all. Such “digital paintings” are really just scanned images printed onto canvas or paper.


Should you wish, we can incorporate a number of pet photographs into one painting. If you would like a painting of yourself and your pet/s, we can do that too. The background is generally a neutral colour wash (you can specify a base colour). This serves to enhance the image of your pet. If you specifically want the background included, this can also be arranged. We will always discuss your requirements with you prior to order confirmation.


There is no compromise on quality. We want to ensure that you will be happy with your painting for many years to come. Only the best quality oil paints and canvasses are used.


We do not offer framing. We believe that is a personal decision best made when you have the painting in hand. Because our paintings are standard sizes, you will find a good range of “off-the-shelf” frames suitable.